Education Resources

Education Resources

Possible focus issues for investigation on school visits

Impact of fire on specific environments and post fire regeneration

  • Sub-alpine heathlands and bogs
  • Alpine Ash forests and Snow Gum woodlands
  • Rainforest including Gondwana plants such as Myrtle Beech

Endangered species (including fire impact on)

  • Leadbeaters Possum and post fire recovery
  • Barred Galaxias fish and conservation work post fires

Impact of weeds and feral animals

Impact of early cattle grazing on Lake Mountain

Historical land use at Lake Mountain

Resources are available for all of these issues, contact

Other resources available:

Lake Mountain Field Guide, hard copies can be purchased for $20 or download the ebook for free here.

Taungurung Clans information can be downloaded from

Resort maps can be downloaded from the Resort Maps tab of this website.