On Mountain Rental

On Mountain Rental

Rentals is located in the building opposite the Bistro Building and adjacent to the Village Toboggan Run. It offers:

  • Quality cross country skis, boots and poles
  • Toboggans
  • Waterproof clothing and snow boots
  • Snowshoes for walking on trails
  • Numerous package deals to suit all requirements

Opening hours: (White Season Only)
8am to 4:30pm – all hired items must be returned by 4pm
7 days a week

Preorder and use our fast track ‘Click and Collect’ Lane when you arrive by ordering online. Additional items can be added upon arrival. Alternatively, items can be hired directly when you arrive.


Check out our competitive prices and packages!

Ski Equipment

  Skis / Boots / poles   $35.50 (adult & child)
  Skis only (Classic or Skate)   $25.00
  Ski boots only   $22.00 (adult & child)
  Poles only   $12.00


Snow Play and Clothing

  Padded jacket   $22.00
  Padded pants   $22.00
  Padded jacket & pants   $40.00
  PVC jacket   $22.00
  PVC pants   $22.00
  PVC jacket & pants   $30.00
  Snowsuit   $22.00 (child only)
  Snow boots   $22.00
  Toboggan   $13.50
  Toboggon 10+   $12.00
  Helmet   $12.00


  Toboggan / PVC pants / boots   $40.00
  Snowsuit / boots   $40.00 (child only)
  Toboggan/ Snowsuit / boots   $45.00 (child only)
  Padded pants / jacket / boots   $45.00 (child) $50.00 (adult)
  Snowshoes / boots / poles   $25.00

All prices are subject to Ministerial Approval