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WINTER Frequently Asked Questions




Will  I  need  wheel  chains  if  I  am  planning  to  drive  to  Lake  Mountain  Alpine  Resort?

On occasions, due to heavy snow fall, it is necessary to carry and fit snow chains to two-wheel drive vehicles. Check out the daily snow report before you leave in the morning on the home page for chain requirements for two-wheel drive vehicles or contact the resort directly on 03 5957 7201. Traffic advisory signs are also located at Marysville where chains can be hired. Chain days are called in the morning around 6am on the day, as snow conditions can be unpredictable days in advance.


How  much  do  wheel  chains  cost  to  hire?  And  where  can  I  get  them  from?

Chains can be hired from any of the Ski Hires in Marysville or Narbethong before you begin the climb to Lake Mountain, the cost is approximately $30 for the day, you will be shown how to fit the chains when hiring.


How  much  does  it  cost  to  enter  the  mountain  during  the  snow  season?  (June  –  September)

The entry fee is quite similar to paid parking, it is $56.00 per vehicle – regardless of how many people are in the car. A vehicle must have under 10 seats, if it has over 10 seats it will be classified as a bus. Click here to check out the bus pricing. -


How  long  will  it  take  to  get  to  Lake  Mountain  from  MELBOURNE?

By car, we suggest allowing 2 – 2.5 hours when travelling from Melbourne CBD. Here’s a link to a few helpful maps and driving directions


What  time  should  I  arrive?

The gate at the base of Lake Mountain opens at 7.30am, and the facilities including ski hire, retail and bistro open at 8am every day over the snow season. We suggest you arrive before 11am, this way you can make the most of your day pass and have a full day in the snow.


Lake Mountain Alpine Resort is subject to closure for periods of time during peak periods on weekends throughout the snow season when maximum capacity is reached in the carparks. It is recommended that visitors arrive before 11am to avoid disappointment.

Is  there  public  transport  to  Lake  Mountain  from  Melbourne?

Public transport is fairly limited as Lake Mountain is situated out past the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The only public transport option is to catch a TRAIN out to LILYDALE on the LILYDALE LINE. Time it in with the McKenzies Bus Service which runs once or twice daily to EILDON. Please see the Bus Time Table here  - 

This option will require you to stay one or two nights in the township of MARYSVILLE, in order to catch the Lake Mountain Bus organised by Country Touch Tours up to Lake Mountain from Marysville. Please contact them directly on 0417 633 753 or to get a quote, bus timetable or organise a place on their tour bus.


Alternatively, there are ONE DAY tours organised by external tour companies, which run from MELBOURNE CBD. For more information, call 03 5957 7201.





Do  I  have  to  prebook  anything?

Nope, too easy, just arrive on the day and purchase what you need as you go!


Can  I  book  accommodation  at  Lake  Mountain  Alpine  Resort?

No… sorry, there is NO on mountain accommodation available, as the facility is for DAY VISITORS ONLY. The gate is locked at 6.30PM every night, we suggest heading down the mountain before 5pm as it tends to get dark around then.

I’d  like  to  organise  to  bring  a  school  group  up,  where  do  I  start?

Please check out our schools page -

and fill in the SCHOOL RESORT ENTRY AND BOOKING FORM. This contains all of the different packages and pricing we offer school groups visiting midweek.




Are  there  chairlifts  at  Lake  Mountain?

No, there are no chairlifts. Lake Mountain is a Cross Country Ski Resort only.


What’s  a  toboggan?  Pronounced  TO-BOG-GAN

A long light narrow plastic molded sledge (= a vehicle that slides over snow) sometimes curved up in front, used for sliding down slopes.

Here at Lake Mountain we have 4 dedicated toboggan runs. Toboggans are available for hire from our On Mountain Resort Hire Outlet for $13.50 each per day.


Will  I  be  able  to  purchase  food  once  I  get  there?

 Yes! Our bistro is open 7 days a week over the snow season, serving up delicious hot meals, like pizza, fish & chips, pies, soups etc and healthy salads, wraps and sandwiches. We also offer Hot drinks including barista made coffees and hot chocolates and alcoholic beverages including beer and wine. GLUTEN FREE and VEGETARIAN options are available.


What’s  the  difference  between  Cross  Country  Skiing  and  Downhill  Skiing?

As there are no lifts at Lake Mountain, skiing here takes a little more effort as you need to propel yourself UP and down the ski trails. Don’t worry though, the trails aren’t steep like regular downhill ski trails. There are 37KM’s of trails winding their way through trees covering Lake Mountain. If you’re new to Cross Country Skiing, book in for a lesson at our Snow Sports Centre, they will get you skiing in no time. More details here. -


I  don’t  have  any  snow  gear;  can  I  hire  some?

Yes! Our on mountain Equipment and clothing hire outlet stocks a large range of sizes in both PVC and Padded Outerwear. As well as snow boots to keep your feet nice and dry. The only thing you CONNOT HIRE are GLOVES and BEANIES, this is due to hygiene regulations. Don’t stress though, we have a range of kids through to adults gloves and beanies for sale in our retail outlet up on the mountain. With gloves starting around $20, you’ll be set to tackle the wintery conditions.




When  is  the  best  time  to  visit?

This is always a tricky question as every snow season is different from the last, there is no certain way to know weeks or months in advance what the conditions will be like. When planning your visit make sure you check the snow reports and weather forecast!

Lake – Mountain – Alpine – Resort – Where’s  the  Lake?

Funnily enough, there is no Lake at Lake Mountain, the mountain was named after the surveyor George Lake. Unfortunate for those planning on bringing their boat!

Where  is  the  closest  place  to  stay?

There are many different accommodation options in the region which provide exceptional hospitality. Whether it is Marysville, Narbethong, Buxton, Taggerty or the Yarra Valley. You can give the Marysville Lake Mountain Information Centre a call on 03 5963 4567 for all accommodation options or visit our website


Can  I  bring  my  dog  to  Lake  Mountain?

No pets of any kind are permitted at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort as it is in a National Park. 


What  should  I  wear  to  Lake  Mountain?

Starting with a good base layer is key to keeping warm in the snow, if you have thermals we suggest you wear them. If you don’t, layer up with warm comfy clothing. Layering works well as conditions can change quickly in the snow, this way you can take layers off or put more on as you need them. A waterproof layer on the outside is also advisable.

Tip: Avoid dressing kids in gumboots/wellingtons as they do not have any insulation, the kid’s feet will freeze after a short amount of time in the snow.

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