Resort Entry

A Resort Entry Fee is charged throughout the dedicated Snow Season beginning the 10th June 2017 - Late Septmeber.

During the snow season the entry fee can be purchased at the base of Lake Mountain from the Ticketbox upon arrival. Cash and Eftpos are accepted.

Outside of the snow season (October - May) there is NO ENTRY FEE to Lake Mountain Alpine Resort.  


 Car   Entry   Price   Per   Day

  • $56.00 per day for non-commercial passenger vehicles with up to 10 seats

The Resort Entry fee is quite similar to paid parking, it is $56.00 per vehicle – regardless of how many people are in the car. A vehicle must have under 10 seats, if it has over 10 seats it will be classified as a bus. See below for bus pricing


Seniors   Car   Entry   Price   Per   Day

  • $42.00 per day for non-commercial passenger vehicles with up to 10 seats, all occupants must be seniors. 


Bus   Entry   Price  Per   Person   Per   Day

  • Bus - $18 per passenger over the age of 5 years (under 5 are free)

(A bus is classified as any vehicle with 11 or more seats, including the driver. Any vehicle with 11 or more seats will be subject to the bus gate-entry pricing structure.) 

Please click here for VicRoads requirements for buses and bus drivers driving in hazardous areas. 



School   Bus   Entry   Price   Per   Student   Per   Day  
(Mid-week   Only)

  • $10 per student/teacher passenger in an organised school group (mid week only)

School groups must apply for student pricing well in advance, please see further details here; 


Bike   Entry   Price   Per   Day

  • Motorbike - $14.00 per day
  • Pushbike - $14.00 per day


2017  Season   Passes

  • Lake Mountain Mt Baw Baw Dual Season Pass - $400
  • All Resorts Pass - $683



Wheel Chains

On occasion, due to heavy snowfall or predicted heavy snowfall, two-wheel drive vehicles will be required to carry wheel chains. Please check current road conditions, snow reports & forecasts before you leave.

Road signs in the township of Marysville will also indicate chain days. 
More information on wheel chains, how to fit them and driving in icey conditions. 

Wheel chains can be hired from Rental Outlets in Marysville.

Snow Safety 

Please take care on the roads, and obey all signs and resort staff. For further information on snow safety and guidelines please check

Lake Mountain Road & the Marysville-Woods Point Road (From Marysville to the Lake Mountain Road Turn off) is declared non-hazardous by VicRoads. Click here for further information.